Sip & Paint Art Classes and Murals
Sip & Paint Art Classes and Murals

What our clients are saying.

"You do such Amazing work!! I love the depth the murals have, yes just like 3D and when you come to a corner its not an end to the story but a focal point! Youe creativity and imagination bring the murals to life!

I love that"

Carter R.


"We have boy/girl twins and we wanted them to have their rooms special for them so we hired Victoria to paint murals in their rooms 3 years ago. Her designs were perfect and the kids still love them. She was very resonable and willing to work with you to get the most of your experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking!"


Carinna M.





"Victoria does an amazing job painting murals. Fantastic work!"

Bonnie L.




I have known Victoria since 2000 when we worked together at Bisco. Not only did she have strong customer service skills and a knack for building relationships, but she has always been very artistic and creative. Victoria has a real talent in the creation of her murals; she does beautiful work

.Leanne D.







"I had a chance to work with Victoria a few years ago. Her work is meticulous and she has a great attitude. Definitely a professional."

Russell S.



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